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Since its appearance in , this app developed into comprehensive editing suite that provides a spectacular level of support for users of all levels, from novices and students to the businesses of all sizes, government agencies, and multi-national corporations. After the appearance on several PC platforms, MS Word finally became part of the celebrated suite of document, presentation and email editing applications Microsoft Office. Any of those versions brings access to a wide array of text editing, formatting, collaboration and publishing tools suitable for the needs of every user. Its capabilities are suitable for everything from creating and formatting basic text documents, to organizing business documents and managing enterprise workflow. Installation and Use Microsoft Word is an extensive application that requires comprehensive installation package, which will extract app on your PC and integrate it deeply with the functionality of your OS especially if you are using the Windows Similarly, like other MS office apps, the functionality of MS Word can be enhanced with standalone plugins, making your daily workflow even more optimized. Add-ons can cover various functionalities, including expanding on the core capabilities of the program, like adding a brand-new spellchecker, file converter, workload timer, diagram creators, text-to-speech, plagiarism checkers and many others. Features and Highlights Effortless text document management — Manage creation, editing, exporting and sharing of text documents of any size or complexion. Extensive toolset — Take full control over the text documents. Templates — Simplify document creation with customizable and varied template offering. Image Formats — Enhance your documents with a wide array of supported image formats. WordArt — Transform the text into visual-styled graphic , with highly customized elements such as color, shadows, effects and more. Charts - Visualize data and provide greater insight with full support for either original charts or those imported from MS Excel. Macros — Automate and enhance workflow by taking full advantage of the powerful macros support. AutoSumarize — Automatically highlight passages that are considered valuable. Multi-user collaboration — Seamless online integration with Office suite allows easy file sharing and real-time collaboration. Support for add-ons — Enhance the capabilities of the base MS Word editor with numerous external add-ons.

Word 2016 Software

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