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Please follow these links to read new reviews: So the names have been given some Zen treatment with the removal of "Vegas" and "HD" out of the title of the core program, and "Production" has been also been dropped from the Suite version. This is definitely at the top of the list of Major Changes to the Movie Studio Platinum program and the main reason why existing users of Version 9, 10 or 11 should consider upgrading to Version Up until now, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum was only ever a 32bit program, which means it had to follow the rules of 32bit computing - even if you had Vegas installed on a Wizz Bang 64bit Machine with tons of memory, storage and a fast multi-core CPU.

With the explosion of p and p HD Video creation in the world over the last couple years, people have been discovering very quickly that you need a decent computer to Edit and Create HD Video files. Otherwise you may experience extreme lag problems in the Preview Window and see the program just simply freeze up due to not enough basic memory being available. A decent computer equates to the following components all working together: Which means if you are on an older 32bit computer system or laptop you can still use Verison 12 with no worries.

Most computers you can buy today are ALL 64 bit now and it probably want be long before this is all you can get. What does 64 bit Support actually mean? RAM is important for a couple of major things in Movie Studio. It gets used a lot during the Rendering Process and is very useful when creating large complex projects full of p video. How much RAM you set aside for this must be manually set in Preferences before you start.

RAM has become incredibly cheap now so it wont break the bank. I suggest a minimum of 8GBs will make you very happy indeed. Additionally, many of the Sony Video Fx plugins and Transitions have now been upgraded to be GPU Accelerated as well, which obviously helps improve user experience while editing and rendering.

They also must be using up to date Driver Software for things to work as well. Here are the specific requirements that must be met for GPU Acceleration to work: GeForce GPUs: Quadro GPUs: Quadro or higher or Quadro FX or higher with driver Movie Studio Platinum 12 "Suite" - Main Bonus Features The Suite version has some great new bonuses, which I always believe are defintely worth the extra investment, because you end up with a full Production Suite of very useful programs and plug-ins that can create just about any project you can dream of.

The three big components are: The NewBlue Titler EX is a pretty cool plug-in which gives you the ability to create 3D looking Text and Graphics that can add a real professional touch to your projects. If you don't have a decent dedicated Graphics Card installed, these plugins willl simply not work properly at all, because they require a large amount of processing power. There are over a presets which you can choose from to create practically any mood you can dream of.

Magic Bullet can add a many types of Colour Grading directly to your video without having the need to learn complex Colour Control Fx Plugins.

This is a great time saver and especially useful for Short Film makers who are learning the ropes of Video Editing and Colour Grading. So if you are making a Video for YouTube or Vimeo and need to add some Sound to your project, you can safely use this music to jazz up your videos. Conclusion OK. So I could keep talking here for ages about all the other components which are part of Sony Movie Studio Platinum You still get all the same features that have been present for quite some time now in all previous versions.

If there are any new people reading this article who have had no experience before with Sony Vegas Movie Studio software, then you may like to watch two in-depth videos I made about Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, which actually show the heart of this software off. If you are using a low powered or older computer, and it is only a 32bit, then I would say stick to whatever version of Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum you are currently using. Remember that anyone who already is a current owner of any Vegas Movie Studio software, qualifies for the special discounted Upgrade Pricing which is available only through Sony Creative Software.

I only recommend products that I actually use myself and have tested by using them under normal working conditions. If you already own an older version of Vegas Movie Studio, you can purchase a discounted upgrade via this link.

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