Reviews: A professional video editor comparison showdown

It will meet most of the needs of experienced editors and producers, but key omissions of some basic and advanced functionality make it a middling program. This movie making software features the familiar timeline workflow.

Users who know their way around the timeline format should grasp the essentials of the software with few problems.

The program also features an interactive storyboard module that makes it easier to complete quick projects and learn the basics.

The program also offers guided video edits. This mode walks you through the video creation process step-by-step. In this simplified process, you pick the media you want to use and the program places them on the timeline for you. Then it has you pick other elements like transitions, titles and audio. This is an Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Price Comparison tool because it reduces the video making process into Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Price Comparison a few minutes.

VEGAS has a healthy library of titles, transitions and effects to choose from. Most editors will be satisfied with the toolset that includes advanced features like the chroma key green screenvideo stabilizer, audio mixer, masking tools, 3D editing and more.

But once learned, these tools are useful and powerful and will be invaluable tools that enable editors to craft both simple and complex videos. One feature worthy of note is multi-cam mode. This tool can import and synchronize video footage of an event taken from multiple sources. For example, video of a concert, sports game or other event captured on multiple smartphones can be synced and edited into a single video. This could previously be accomplished manually, but it is extremely difficult and time consuming, even for veteran editors.

The multi-cam mode removes all the guesswork and switches between angles quickly and easily. This has several basic tools such as picture-in-picture editing tracks Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Price Comparison improved workflow tools such as a quickstart dashboard and simplified media import tools. This isolates moving objects and people within a video and applies effects to them as the video progresses. Recent additions also include the ability to manipulate degree video. More on Video Production.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Price Comparison

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