Review of Rosetta Stone: Detailed and honest look at latest version (TOTALe)

The problem is that it is out of the budget of many casual language learners, and budget travellers, so in almost a decade of travelling, I had never used it. Running a blog as big as this meant I got asked the following questions very frequently: Should I buy Rosetta Stone? Does is really work? Is Rosetta Stone really the best and most fun way to learn a language? I polled my readers for their favourite and least favourite language courses and Rosetta Stone actually came out as the dramatic loser. But perhaps many of those polled were just against the idea of something costing as much as it does, or they may have used a limited pirated version and simply not valued it much because of that. I wasn't interested in hearsay. I wanted to use the non-pirated latest version myself intensively and properly, and write a detailed review of the disadvantages and the advantages as I see them. My frank review of the latest version of Rosetta Stone So I contacted Rosetta Stone to ask for a review copy and they were kind enough to send me one. I'm a blogger and I wrote a guide about how I learn languages in general using the communicative approach, to help support this blog. I guarantee that you can learn a language great without ever sending me money , as I suspect the vast majority of readers of this free blog do. Just to be clear, I'll say that I recommend you don't buy anything I have to offer as a direct alternative to Rosetta Stone as it doesn't solve the problems found in a specific language course that I discuss here. As you read this, especially the latter part, you'll understand why this is certainly not a promotional post. However, this review also covers every other language version for a rather disappointing reason I'll explain below.


Rosetta Stone Italian Level 1-5 Set Review Summary Video

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