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New features boost type capabilities and output flexibility of this long-standing DTP app. What does the software do? QuarkXPress is the latest annual update to this long-established computer layout program dating back to the s. It has sophisticated typography and shape tools plus basic but non-destructive image editing.

When was it launched and what market is it aimed at? QXP was officially announced on 1 March with shipping due on 16 May. How does it work? No other page layout software gives you more control. The user interface has been tweaked, with an improved and extended Measurement Palette that controls all object attributes. A big new feature is Colour Fonts, also available in the updates to Photoshop and Illustrator.

The OpenType controls have been made easier to access and font listings are clearer. Automatic hyphenation now has five levels of strictness. Footnotes can span multiple columns. Options, add-ons and integrations with other Quark products? QXP works as a standalone program, but also features as the layout part of the Quark Publishing Program for multi-user collaborative publishing such as newspapers or magazines.

What is the USP? Guenther says: It features superior typographic controls, non-destructive image editing, conversion of PDFs into editable objects and copy-and paste from Excel, Illustrator or PowerPoint into editable objects.

Depends on your level of experience. What training and support is on offer? How much does it cost? What is the sales target? What is the install base worldwide and in the UK? Quark and Adobe have stopped revealing relative market shares. It is only available on subscription and prices are being raised on 16 April.

CorelDraw is the layout component.

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QuarkXPress 2018 buy online

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