Go ahead. Forget your passwords.

Ben , In this thread I see you referring to "membership. I am speaking herein from my own experience. Of confusion, frustration and misunderstanding on all this, to 'getting it.

The monthly subscription is for the "membership;" the "account" is just one of the features that comes with the membership. Membership includes other benefits as well, such as access to 1Pwd on all platforms Mac, Win, And, X ok, not really a platform , and the eternal sunshine of free upgrades, including all minor and major version releases.

And this points to where I think I, and maybe other like me, get hung up. Here's a place where I think people like me get tripped up: If people like me could see the developers' scrum room walls and the source code they'd understand how many person years it took to get from 1Pwd4 to 1Pwd7, and why that should not, in fact cannot sustainably, be work included in a one-time license purchase. Another misperception may lie in some misunderstanding of the difference between a minor version upgrade and a major version upgrade.

Licenses include minor version upgrades, like 1Pwd4 Win v4. The fact that 1Pwd "1" users got a free bump to 1Pwd4 was a total gift because that's a jump of multiple major versions. Major version numbers only change after a huge amount of work. I understand that in the case of 1Pwd7 it wasn't even a re-write of 1Pwd4: Note to self: It's like CAR version 1.

Version 1. Full disclosure: For my own reasons, I'm still currently a standalone user, having just bought a 1Pwd7 Win license and, separately, a 1Pwd7 Android license.

Apologies for having written such a long note; I did not have time to write a short one. So there were 23 months between version 4 and version 6, then 32 months between 6 and version 7, for a total of 55 months or 4. Of course there were incremental releases between the major releases.

My take on the car analogy is: Car 1.

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