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Perfect Resize from On1 software. Check out my extensive review of Photo RAW! The Industry Standard Some products stand out from the crowd and become the measuring stick of all competitors. For example in digital photography, no one has come close to Adobe Photoshop, and it would almost seem futile to attempt to compete with such a great piece of software. Genuine Fractals has been the industry standard for many years now, in helping photographers create poster-sized prints and even billboard-sized images. No product is perfect and yet this is one piece of software that comes pretty darn close to being perfect in my opinion. Trying to do this in Photoshop will lead to a loss of sharpness and detail, resulting in prints that look out of focus and dull. Who wants that?? This is where Perfect Resize comes in. With Perfect Resize you can blow up your images up to 10 times their original size and your images still look fantastic. For example, you can take a 12 mp image and resize it up to 6 feet cm on the short side! Here is where you decide on your final image size. You can enter all the fields manually, or choose from one of the dozens of presets as shown in the photo below. Tools-1a The controls are intuitive and I found it very easy to navigate within the Perfect Resize interface. Make sure that you set the proper resolution for your printer under Resolution. Commercial printers vary, but typically it is also PPI. Tools-2 The Texture Control tool allows you to adjust the detail within different areas of a photograph. To use the Texture Control, you can either use the sliders or in most cases use one of the presets that you see in the Tools-2a image.

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