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Main article: History of Karelia Karelia was bitterly fought over by Sweden and the Novgorod Republic for a period starting in the 13th-century Swedish-Novgorodian Wars. Viborg Finnish: Viipuri became the capital of the new Swedish province. Conflicts between the new Swedish rulers and the indigenous population of these areas led to an exodus: Pioneers in Karelia, InFinland became independent and the border was confirmed by the Treaty of Tartu in Finnish partisans were involved in attempts to overthrow the Bolshevists in Russian Karelia East Karelia in —20, such as in the failed Aunus expedition.

They also wanted to incorporate the rest of Karelia into Finland and cooperated with the short-lived Republic of Uhtua. These mainly private expeditions ended after the peace treaty of Tartu. Aboutpeople, virtually the whole population, had to be relocated within Finland.

InKarelia was liberated for three years during the Continuation War of to when East Karelia Original Karelia Software Tangerine!

Software occupied by the Finns. The Winter War and the resulting Soviet expansion caused considerable bitterness in Finland, which lost its second biggest city, Original Karelia Software Tangerine! Softwareits industrial heartland along the river Vuoksithe Saimaa canal that connected central Finland to the Gulf of Finlandaccess to the fishing waters of Lake Ladoga Finnish: Laatokkaand made an eighth of her citizens refugees with no chance of return.

From the areas ceded to the Soviet Union, the whole population was evacuated and resettled in other parts of Finland. Map showing the Republic of Karelia and the two Original Karelia Software Tangerine! Software regions. Unlike administrative republics, Soviet republics in theory had the constitutional right to secede. The possible fear of secession, as well as the Russian ethnic minority in Karelia, may have resulted Original Karelia Software Tangerine!

Software its "demotion. Since the Original Karelia Software Tangerine! Software of the Soviet Union, the area has experienced massive urban decay. The hastily and poorly constructed buildings from the Soviet era, as well as older houses remaining from the Finnish era, are being abandoned.

The Karelian Isthmus belongs to the Leningrad Oblast. There are some small but enthusiastic groups of Finns campaigning for closer ties between Finland and Karelia. The political expression of these irredentist hopes is called the Karelian question and is about Finland's re-acquisition of the ceded Finnish Karelia.

These hopes live on, for instance, in the Karjalan Liitto and ProKarelia. However, ambitions for closer ties with East Karelia do not include territorial demands. Demographics[ edit ] Original Karelia Software Tangerine! Software Russian side is mostly Russian-speaking. However, there are minorities speaking Finnish or closely related Finnic languages.

Finnish has had varying recognition in Russian Karelia throughout history. The more distantly related Veps language is spoken on both sides of the River Svir. On the Finnish side, the area is Finnish-speaking. The so-called Karelian dialects of Finnish language are spoken mainly in Finnish South Karelia and form the southeastern dialect group of Finnish. Petersburg, between the Estonian border and Lake Ladoga. Ingrian Finns settled in the region in the 17th century after the Swedish conquest of the area.

The settlers spoke Karelian and Savonian dialects of Finnish. The older inhabitants of the Ingria, the Ingrians, have their own language which is related to the Karelian language and the south-eastern dialects of Finnish. In Finland, about 5, people speak Karelian.

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© - Tangerine Software. Karelia stretches from the White Sea coast to the Gulf of tlpslw.me contains the two largest lakes in Europe, Lake Ladoga and Lake tlpslw.me Karelian Isthmus is located between the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga.. The border between Karelia and Ingria, the land of the closely related Ingrian people, had originally been the Neva River itself but later on it was moved northward into Karelian. RTI developed a mobile assessment and coaching tool called Tangerine, a first-of-its-kind software application optimized for offline data collection on low-cost Android tablets. Impact: Tangerine has changed how early-grade reading and mathematics assessments are carried out in low-resource settings. This changes the character of the software from • Acronis True Image 11 Home • Adobe Photoshop CS6 • Apple iLife ’11 • Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 • Geomagic Freeform Plus • Karelia Software Tangerine! • Karelia Software The Hit List • Macpaw CleanMyMac X 4 • MathWorks PTC MathCAD

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