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I have the kit lens with the Oly mm on order. I'm going to South America on the 15th and I'm trying to prepare Order - Foundations of Photography: Black and White as best as possible.

I'm don't have much experience beyond anything above point and shoot, and on my vacation I know I'm going to experience some tricky shooting conditions. I will mostly be in the low altitude mountains There are always windows where the sun comes out for a while and gives great light. After that, I will be in the mountainous countryside. I will want to take many shots during the day, and also try some night shots On the E-PL 1, obviously there are the iAuto Order - Foundations of Photography: Black and White, but I'm assuming they don't deliver the absolute highest quality pics.

I'm looking for some advice for settings in these types of particular settings, and not sure which would be best. Should I customize settings for each particular shooting condition on different dials P, M, etc.

And what about the Scene modes Do they do a Order - Foundations of Photography: Black and White job and make the proper setting adjustments? Any help would be much appreciated. I just got an E-PL1. If you can, take some kind of support with you. There have been a few recent threads about support options for m Regardless, you'll likely need something to help steady the camera at slower shutter speeds.

Also, manually focusing may help, and using Live View Boost may help make the screen easier to use for low light focusing. At any rate, you should familiarize yourself with the different focusing options. They do work, and that's a good place to start if you're unfamiliar with all the control available. As I've become more comfortable with manual control, I've used the canned modes less, but they are useful, and they can give good results.

Saving your photos as RAW files gives you better control of the image after processing on your computer, but it might be better to shoot in JPEG for ease of use. Equipment wise, you might want to add a spare battery to your kit.

Having a dead camera midway through a long day would be very frustrating. If possible, spend some time at home with your camera, the manual, and the Dummies book.

That's a great way to start figuring out what works for you under less stressful conditions than in the middle of a trip.

Also, the Olympus manual is available for free as a pdf, and you might want to download it if that format is better for you.

Have a good trip, and don't let the photography get in the way of having fun!

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