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Documents created using OneNote can be shared with and edited by anyone, whether they have the app or not, as it offers not only apps for Mac and Office OneNote 2010 Price Tag $19.95, but a perfectly serviceable that supports most everything you can do with your Mac. MagicalPad is very free form compared to most of the apps featured here although there are limits to how you can take notes and write down information to prevent things getting too messy or crazy. Evernote is probably the biggest heavyweight alternative to OneNote. Mac Outline recently added basic editing to the Mac version. But many users find the limited functionality and especially the inability to work with local files in the new official OneNote for Mac very frustrating. SOHO Notes used to be a very good note taking app for Macs although unfortunately development of the Mac application seems to have stopped. MagicalPad aims to be a more user friendly, free form alternative to OneNote. Alternote is however designed for Evernote users Office OneNote 2010 Price Tag $19.95 it integrates with Evernote to provide a cleaner, slicker frontend to Evernote. I sorely miss MS OneNote! Your freeform typing is added to a text box that, once you enter text, can be rearranged, formatted, and organized on a page. The information here is a bit overwhelming to a newcomer. MacJournal is extremely slick — the interface is excellent and you can cut and paste almost anything with it. Is one of the most expensive but also one of the slickest and most powerful OneNote alternatives on Mac. OneNote Alternatives:

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