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These days, ISO is roughly equivalent to ISO , in terms of noise, in cameras from ten years ago, so for most images you can often get away with not needing to use noise reduction. However, there are times when the ISO you need is so high that noise is inevitable. The most common reason for needing high ISO settings is to enable you get usable shots in low light by keeping the shutter speed fast enough to avoid camera shake. You also need high ISOs when shooting sports — where the shutter speed needs not to only support the focal length of the lens and avoid camera shake, but also to freeze the action. Colour noise appears as coloured specks and patches, while luminance noise has a grain-like appearance similar to film grain, although more uniform in size and shape. Noise-reduction software is the best way to combat these negative side effects, and there are a number of options out there ranging from free software, noise-reduction features within editing software such as Photoshop to dedicated programs whose sole function is to reduce high ISO noise. The same image-processing engine is used in Lightroom, so the two offer identical features. The Noise Reduction controls sit within the Detail tab, and applying noise reduction is manual with no presets or intelligent auto settings on offer.

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