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Windows Forms: Web Editor: Class Designer: Database tools: There are many other parts that can be used with Visual Studio. Of particular interest is Team Explorer , which allows different programmers using Visual Studio to collaborate using the Microsoft revision control system. Most people without any programming experience can figure out what it does.

But even during that time, things were changing. Gone were the line numbers, in were real functions. But this was the tail end of the technology trend.

Visual Basic Visual Basic changed all that. It came out in It seems that Microsoft had originally thought of it as a hobbyist language — even if a far more cool one than those that had come before.

At first, it was used as something of a semi-professional tool by people in small businesses who needed specialized software. By , Microsoft released VBScript, which allowed people to automate things like Office applications — a great improvement over traditional macro languages. And then things really changed.

Visual Basic. It is one of two languages the other being Visual C that have been built specifically to work with the. NET Framework. It is basically a class library that makes creating Windows-based applications much easier than they would normally be.

Over the last two decades, there has been a strong tendency for all languages to start to look alike. But Visual Basic does maintain a very straightforward syntax that is easy to write and to understand. Here is a general overview: V01 It was the first version of the product. V02 It was mostly a cosmetic upgrade with increased speed.

V03 This version introduced the Jet Database Engine. V04 This was the first version that could create bit applications. V05 It was the first bit only version of Visual Basic. It allowed users to create ActiveX controls. V06 This version supported the creation of client and server side web applications and many new database functions including full support of ActiveX Data Objects. V07 This was the first. NET version of Visual Basic based on the.

NET Framework 1. V08 This version solidified Visual Basic as a. NET language. This was an upgrade that went along with. NET Framework 3. V10 This update brought Visual Basic more in line with C. V11 This version introduced asynchronous computing and updated to. NET Framework 4. V12 This version was basically just Visual Basic 11 with Visual Studio V13 ?

This version was skipped by Microsoft to make the numbering of Visual Basic and Visual Studio the same. V14 This is the newest version of Visual Basic and the first to be open source. Getting Started In general, if you are going to developing Visual Basic applications, you will be using Visual Studio. The two go together. However, getting exactly the tools that are used in these tutorials may be difficult. Getting Started with Visual Basic: NET Tutorials: NET framework, and Visual Studio.

Visual Basic 6 Tutorial: Microsoft Visual Basic Tutorials: Free VB. NET Course: How To Start Programming: Net Tutorial: Advanced Tutorials Visual Basic is such a vast subject that it is impossible for any resource to deal with all elements of it. But the following will get you started with some more advanced aspects of the language once you master the basics. Tutorials Point: They also have.

NET tutorials. FunctionX Visual Basic. NET Page: Quite interesting! Probably not a good choice as a first introduction to the language. Wonder How To VB. Visual basic examples demonstrated with videos.

Many of the following books are parts of a series and may have editions for earlier versions of the system if that is what you are using. Beginning Visual Basic by Bryan Newsome: This book has editions going back to Visual Basic Visual Basic in 24 Hours by James Foxall: Learning Visual Basic.

NET by Jesse Liberty: Professional Visual Studio by Bruce Johnson: It starts at the beginning and covers everything. It is also available in and editions. Tools Visual Studio provides all the tools that you would normally need. But there are various add-ons and extensions that you might find useful under some circumstances. Visual Basic 6 Quick Reference: Development Tools and Languages: Visual Basic Tools for Visual Studio: It was designed and released in the mids, primarily as a light-weight scripting language for use in Microsoft environments.

It was also intended early on as an in-browser language, as an alternative to JavaScript. They were both targeted primarily at web developers initially. Also, the language expanded, to include regular expressions, object-oriented programming principles, and other advanced features.

By version 5 of the language, it was capable of doing just about anything other major languages were capable of. With the advent of the.

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