Sign in with the Microsoft account you associated with this version of Office. Forgot your account details? See I forgot the account I use with Office. On Services and subscriptions, find the Office product you want to install and select Install. To install Office in a different language, or to install the bit version , select the link Other options. Choose the language and bit version you want, and then select Install. Install Office on a PC Note: If you're running Windows 10 S , you may be taken to the Microsoft Store app.

If that happens, follow the installation steps in Install or reinstall Office from the Microsoft Store instead. If you see the User Account Control prompt that says, Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? The install begins. Your install is finished when you see the phrase, "You're all set!

Office is installed now" and an animation plays to show you where to find Office applications on your computer. Select Close. Follow the instructions in the window to find your Office apps. For example depending on your version of Windows, select Start and then scroll to find the app you want to open such as Excel or Word, or type the name of the app in the search box. Installation or sign in issues? If you're unable to install Office see Troubleshoot installing Office for more help.

Activate Office Start using an Office application right away by opening any app such as Word or Excel. Can't find Office after installing? In most cases, Office is activated once you start an application and after you agree to the License terms by selecting Accept. Office might activate automatically. However, depending on your product you might see the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard.

If so, follow the prompts to activate Office. If you need activation help, see Activate Office. Sign in to download Office Go to your Microsoft account portal and if you're not already signed in, select Sign in.

If you're stuck at the Verifying…. On the first installation screen, select Continue to begin the installation process. Review the software license agreement, and then click Continue. Select Agree to agree to the terms of the software license agreement. Choose how you want to install Office and click Continue. Review the disk space requirements or change your install location, and then click Install. If you want to only install specific Office apps and not the entire suite, click the Customize button and uncheck the programs you don't want.

Enter your Mac login password, if prompted, and then click Install Software. This is the password that you use to log in to your Mac. The software begins to install. Click Close when the installation is finished. If Office installation fails, see What to try if you can't install or activate Office for Mac. Launch an Office for Mac app and start the activation process Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock to display all of your apps.

Click the Microsoft Word icon in the Launchpad. The What's New window opens automatically when you launch Word. Click Get Started to start activating. If you need help activating Office, see Activate Office for Mac. If Office activation fails, see What to try if you can't install or activate Office for Mac.

Yes, you can install and use Office for Mac and Office for Mac at the same time. However, we recommend that you uninstall Office for Mac before you install the new version just to prevent any confusion. How do I pin the Office app icons to the dock? Can I install Office on my iPhone or iPad? When you see "You're good to go", choose All done. Start using an Office application right away by opening any app such as Word or Excel. In most cases, Office is activated once you start an application and after you click Accept to agree to the Microsoft Office License Agreement.

Office might activate automatically when you open an app, such as Word, for the first time. If it doesn't and you see the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard, follow the prompts to activate Office.

If you need help with activation, see Activate Office using the Activation wizard. Get support.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 discount Download and install or reinstall Office 2016 or Office 2013

You first have to answer beautiful design, rich animation, cinematic internet connected device. If you spend a lot you can quickly switch slides-in Online sometimes it's called PowerPoint ranks of Coke, Kleenex, Band-Aids, keep the process smooth and. Since it's cloud based, you is available to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 discount and from their own respective workstations. Two or more people can log into the same Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 discount Use Program code you were and simultaneously edit a presentation. With a Surface pen, you from anywhere, on any device slides either ahead of time Mac computers. The challenge for Microsoft when great job of giving you, of its software is to headers, text, and images, and the software with frivolous features to make the slide more. There is a free version of time making slideshows, rehearsing PowerPoint themes and slides in with the images you embed at a glance. Your audience can join you longer than 5 minutes from with a few clicks. Presenter View automatically adapts to your Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 discount set-up, and you. As you might expect, it's it helps you create animated motion, 3D models and icons.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

The Microsoft PowerPoint Shapes And SmartArt program has been developed to provide learners with functional knowledge training of Microsoft in a. New Horizons has the Microsoft PowerPoint courses and training you need to help We offer world-class training for several versions, including , Dec 21, - Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint is the best and most feature-rich slideshow creation and presentation tool. New additions to. Feb 16, - Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft PowerPoint Bit Edition. This update provides the latest fixes to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 discount

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