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Click the Restart button. Make your selection and click the right arrow key. In the Apple menu bar, select Disk Utilities from the Utilities menu. Disk Utilities will launch. Select one of the following instructions, depending on what you wish to do. Microsoft Windows 3. Every version of Windows since then has also provided this window switching functionality.

Vista and Windows 7 provide an additional feature called Windows Flip 3D , which has a broadly similar purpose. Flip 3D allows a user to flip through all open windows with a three-dimensional perspective. A very few third party applications, such as the Emcee Desktop Organizer, provide Mission Control-like organization of similar windows into visual "stacks," or support Windows 8's "Immersive" Apps.

Windows 10 adds a very similar feature called Task View which also includes multiple-desktop support. Starting with version 3. Step 1: Back Up Your Files! Okay, so you may have a lot of files that you want to get rid of, but you definitely have some files you want to keep.

In my case, I even have programs I want to keep so I don't have to re-download them after the process is over. You could also create a Time Machine backup, but I wouldn't do a full restore later—just pick and choose things you want back after a fresh install—otherwise it could run just as sluggishly or erratic as it did before.

Step 2: The Mac OS X installer should open automatically. Follow the on-screen prompts to read and accept the license agreement and begin the installation.

When prompted to choose a destination disk, select your preferred location and click Install. When the Mac OS X installation finishes with the disc, restart your computer. After the installation completes, a configuration program may begin automatically if you are installing for the first time. You will need to supply basic setup information for your computer. Update your system software to ensure that you have the most recent operating system components.

From the Apple menu, select Software Update

Download Apple MAC OS X Leopard (10.5) ISO free.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is an even more powerful and refined version of the world's Mac OS x Snow Leopard Boot DVD Install Reinstall Recovery Upgrade Downgrade Disk What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? . Macally Key USB Wired Keyboard with Apple Shortcut Keys and 3 Button. Apr 28, - Technically Apple wants you to buy another $29 Snow Leopard disc to upgrade your Mom's Mac OS X machine. That said there are no CD. Max OS X Snow Leopard Version Mac Factory Install DVD Disc Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Professional 32/64bit Genuine Licence Key Product.

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