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Here are the specific requirements that must be met for GPU Acceleration to work: GeForce GPUs: Quadro GPUs: Quadro or higher or Quadro FX or higher with driver Movie Studio Platinum 12 "Suite" - Main Bonus Features The Suite version has some great new bonuses, which I always believe are defintely worth the extra investment, because you end up with a full Production Suite of very useful programs and plug-ins that can create just about any project you can dream of.

The three big components are: The NewBlue Titler EX is a pretty cool plug-in which gives you the ability to create 3D looking Text and Graphics that can add a real professional touch to your projects. If you don't have a decent dedicated Graphics Card installed, these plugins willl simply not work properly at all, because they require a large amount of processing power. There are over a presets which you can choose from to create practically any mood you can dream of. Magic Bullet can add a many types of Colour Grading directly to your video without having the need to learn complex Colour Control Fx Plugins.

This is a great time saver and especially useful for Short Film makers who are learning the ropes of Video Editing and Colour Grading. So if you are making a Video for YouTube or Vimeo and need to add some Sound to your project, you can safely use this music to jazz up your videos. Or I can make a selection, but I can't find how to adjust it, nor to select it yes it's called a selection but selecting it doesn't work on it.

The "Help" is extremely detailed on complicated tasks, but tells you to do the elementary ones without any reference or explanation; for instance in Help, Part 4 "Using Vegas Movie Studio", Chap 2 "Editing Events on the Timeline", Section 5 in 34 "Selecting Events", Paragraph 1 in 9 says "With the Normal or Selection tool active, click the event.

The event is highlighted to indicate that it has been selected"; yet I could find and activate the Normal Edit Tool, but how do I create an event? You can spend literally hours on the myriads such guesses this program requires. Then there are the myriads "Support" systems, but none really helps; in particular, SONY wants you to try their program, everywhere they politely invite you to ask questions before eventually buying, but you can't post on their forum unless So, none excepted the ones who don't need any more can ask a question to Sony, hence all the ones stranded as me can only go away silently to not look stupid, and look for another program.

It seems this program, like so many others, has been first intelligently written by careful and hard-working people, then bought by another and bigger company who allocated a lot of resources but with none really understanding the program, its goal, its intended audience, so they just add layers of "features" and cosmetics Including sort of "Help" or "Tutorials" , trying to not cripple too much the internals.

Why does days support cost more than the software itself? I think I know why, but in the end techincal support is just plain horrible and not really an option for the average user. I'd really like my money back but I can not get customer service to respond to my emails. Go figure since the emails are free. The lights are on, but no body's home. Windows Live Movie Maker on the same computer has been remarkably stable.

I've created 18 mintue HD videos using the same size and quantity of clips I'm using in Vegas. Lots of transitions and video effects. I doubt it crashed even a single time. What it did not do so well was sync the underlying MP3 music track with the video files.

How to Buy the Right Version of Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 for You? Sony Movie Studio 13 Review

Just the act of using it in Save Mode apparently made a permanent change somewhere that corrected the problem in subsequent Win 10 sessions. Windows Live Movie Maker on the same computer has been remarkably stable. Requires a bit processor and operating system OS: Files in other format do not pose this problem. Why does days support cost more than the software itself? Cordially, Oliver Dean. The main interface is easy to understand and navigate, and those who have a basic knowledge of movie editing can use this software easily. Vegas Movie Studio 16 Platinum The movie studio platinum costs a bit more and provides you with a host of other features. Summary This software is the equivalent of an Italian sports car. Vegas can not handle this.

How to Buy the Right Version of Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 for You?


Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite REVIEW

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