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Even though smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile barely play a role in the market, the OneNote app still receives regular updates and works almost smoothly. Thanks to OneNote Online, you can access your digital notebooks via any Internet browser. Of course, you need to save your notebook in the cloud for this. Sign in with your Microsoft account on the official website http: Then you can open one of your available notebooks.

The look and feel of the web interface is very similar to the OneNote apps. Most of the content editing features are at the same place as in the other versions of OneNote. You will find your way around quickly. You can start the online interface when you need to use a device without an installed version of OneNote. With OneNote Online, you can access your digital notes when you sit in front of a foreign computer, for example at work, at university, with friends or on vacation at the hotel PC.

Please do not forget to log out and close the browser after online access! OneNote Online can be an alternative for Linux users. For Linux and other operating systems, there is no official OneNote app … yet? Which version of OneNote do you use the most? Which app do you prefer? And which feature do you miss on your device? I look forward to your comments below! You like this blog post? These versions will continue to receive updates about once a month. How long will you continue to support OneNote ?

OneNote support dates will align with Office support dates October 10, for mainstream support and October 14, for extended support. I previously removed OneNote for Windows How do I get it back? OneNote for Windows 10 is pre-installed on Windows 10 devices.

How do I access my local notebooks in OneNote for Windows 10? In the latest versions of OneNote, your notebooks are stored in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere. If you have any local notebooks, you can move them to OneDrive or SharePoint Online, so you can access your notes from anywhere.

On-Premises SharePoint is also supported. To get started, simply open OneNote for Windows 10 and follow these instructions to move your notebooks to OneDrive. How can I develop add-ins for OneNote? OneNote can extract the text it recognizes in pictures so you can paste it elsewhere in your notes or into another app , where you can edit and format the text as needed. If OneNote is still reading and converting the text in the image, wait a few moments and then try again.

Learn more about copying text from pictures OCR. OneNote excludes the contents of password-protected sections from a notebook search in order to keep your protected notes secure. To include the pages in protected sections in a notebook search, you must first unlock those sections before searching. OneNote automatically locks each password-protected section after a few minutes of inactivity. Be sure to initiate a notebook search immediately after unlocking your password-protected sections.

Passwords are case-sensitive. Make sure that the Caps Lock key is off before you apply or enter the correct password. If you recently changed the password for the affected section, try remembering and entering the password that you used previously to protect that section.


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