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August 28, 6: Autodesk Maya Image Credit: Autodesk Autodesk is cutting the cost of developing 3D animated models for games dramatically by launching a light version of its Maya 3D tool for indie and mobile game developers. Autodesk Maya hands. Image Credit: Autodesk That pricing could help attract droves of new independent developers who focus on making 3D animated objects and characters for their mobile and online games. The new stripped-down version of Maya also brings Autodesk into the digital age. Like many other developers of high-end software, Autodesk is adapting to the new popularity of light versions of programs for mobile and app development. Developers can use most of the full version of the tool to make any kind of 3D animation, with how much is Maya 2013 for mac uk? of the features of the full Maya. But they can only export a model with a limited number of polygons, the shapes that make up a 3D image. Developers can export models up to 25, polygons, which is a level of animated sophistication that matches that found in many mobile games. If you couple this with pricing, you have a unique solution for the growing numbers of indie developers making games, said How much is Maya 2013 for mac uk? Patel, the manager of the media and entertainment industry practice department at Autodesk in San Francisco, in an interview with GamesBeat. So we went to gaming events and test products.

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