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I joined Lynda. I also wanted to learn WordPress so I could start a blog like this one. Back then, I wrote a detailed review describing my experiences with this online learning service. More recently, I rejoined Lynda. In this updated Lynda. For this, you can watch any of Lynda. LinkedIn Learning or Lynda.

This premium service gives users access to all of their source files and lets users save videos for offline access. Every time I logged into Lynda. Prior to using Lynda. I watched YouTube. And anytime I watch a YouTube video, I end up scrubbing through the clip searching for those five seconds relevant to my project.

When I pay for a premium online learning service like this, I expect it to save me time. What Did I Watch? During my time with Lynda. This is because the authors break down their courses into a series of lessons normally between five and ten minutes long. The trainers I watched were informative, entertaining and well prepared. It was enough to simply listen to some trainers but for others, I had to watch and work alongside them in Photoshop or in my code editor.

And I even took notes — something I never do while watching YouTube. I also alternated between watching videos in standard or high-definition, depending on my internet connection. What Did I Learn? I originally joined Lynda.

Jen Kramer walked me through Bootstrap step-by-step, but then I came across a huge problem. Her tutorial video was for Bootstrap 2. Without getting into the specifics, Bootstrap 3. And the various 2. After reading Twitter only released Bootstrap 3.

So, I resigned myself to desperately posting code on Stack Exchange. Then, half way through my project Lynda. Another Lynda. If you want to master Photoshop, his videos are a great entry point for bloggers who want to visually polish their website. I also picked up some pointers about designing for the web.

Prior to self-publishing my book, I also watched a number of courses about self-publishing. I also picked up some tips for marketing and distributing an eBook online. More recently, I watched a number of Google analytics online learning courses on Lynda.

This information also helps me write better content for readers of Become a Writer Today because I can see what performs and what tanks. Is LinkedIn Learning Worth it? The materials and Lynda. Most other online learning sites have these resources and these changes would make learning with Lynda. Watching video is a passive form of learning, no matter how good the video. Do you have questions about my review of Lynda.

Please let me know in the comments section below. Like this LinkedIn Learning review? Check out my review of the best grammar checker software today.

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