Manage your channel with Creator Studio

Manage your channel with Creator Studio You can use Creator Studio in YouTube to organize your channel, manage videos, and interact with fans. You can go directly to Creator Studio or follow these steps to navigate to your Creator Studio: Sign in to your channel at www. In the top right, click your account icon. Click Creator Studio. Tools in Creator Studio Dashboard: Video Manager: Organize and update your videos from one place or dig into a particular video to adjust settings individually. Use tools to optimize a video, tweak its settings, or bulk update changes across videos with a single click. Communicate and collaborate with your fans and fellow How much does it cost to upgrade to iTube Studio 7?. Review and respond to comments, read private messages, see videos where you've been credited, or review a list of subscribers if your channel has at least 1, subscribers. Adjust settings that affect your channel overall, such as signing up for monetization, controlling your upload defaults, or enabling live streaming. Review your channel's performance and get info on how your channel is growing. Find reports and data to help you evaluate your channel and video performance, including views, subscribers, watch time, revenue for partners, and more. Access the Audio Library to add sound effects or unique music. Was this helpful? How can we improve it?


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