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The models are very easy to produce by anyone. It will change the way that the industry works in a big way. One of the best investments we made in a long time. This can be updated at anytime with minimal work as the design changes. It has the potential to replace more conventional presentation techniques within our office. Workflows, quantity and cost analyzes simply become transparent according to the BIM method for virtual building models.

For architecture and engineering firms, there is still room for improvement in the BIM workflow today. So far there has been a lack of an integrated process to reliably and efficiently estimate quantity and costs from the modeled building, as well as to tender, award and settle services.

The advantages: NOVA AVA has successfully implemented the project objective of mapping a complete BIM process from the design of a building model to billing completely and seamlessly with suitable software using the BIM add-on Throughout this context, information from the IFC building model without loss of data and information in the further BIM process, i.

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