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The release also brings with it a welcome reduction in upgrade pricing. I was diligent enough to not order my upgrade immediately, Final Cut Studio 3 discount instead waited a scant five hours for Dealmac.

Shipping would be delayed a bit versus ordering from Apple, but whatever. When my shiny white box finally arrived last week, I promptly installed FCS 3 and then proceeded to not run a single program. Like its name suggests, ProRes supports 4: The fourth "4" represents a full-bit alpha channel. All channels are 10 bits. Bandwidth is Mbps without the alpha channel, compared to 2, Mbps for uncompressed, bit 4: Sounds awesome.

ProRes LT is similar to regular-grade ProResexcept that it throttles down the bandwidth requirements a bit to stay within the Mbps that many legacy systems in newsrooms and other broadcast areas are limited to. So Final Cut Studio 3 discount nuts, WFAA, and broadcast that story on ponies escaping a hailstorm in all its 4: ProRes Proxy is aimed at offline editing, giving much lower-quality images for cutting before going full-res for final output.

Building that Hackintosh is looking better all the time. Apple also introduced iChat Theater to facilitate remote collaboration and asset sharing. Sounds awesome, assuming both parties are directly connect with a fiber trunk. One very nice addition to Final Cut Pro 7 that I think many of us will enjoy is the native support for AVCHD footage, which is now all the rage in consumer and prosumer-level camcorders.

Before FCP7, you had to transcode the footage to another format Final Cut Studio 3 discount editing. Or I will say Final Cut Studio 3 discount once I actually run the thing. Considering I also own the latest version of After Effects, my ability to waste powerful motion-graphics programs is growing exponentially. My lack of location recording equipment and skill sadly makes the phrase "fix it in post" all too true for my audio tracks.

To help rubes like me out a bit, Soundtrack Pro 3 adds a feature called "voice level matching" that, umm, matches voice levels. Or inherently more frustrating. Color 1. Version 1. Peter Jackson is still wringing the tears from his beard.

Or a MacBook Air. I forget. Compressor 3. Compressor now includes what it calls Job Actions—pre-defined scripts for Final Cut Studio 3 discount common after-the-fact tasks Final Cut Studio 3 discount jobs. You can even batch Job Actions together and run multiple actions on one file at one time.

Witchcraft may be involved. For example, say you managed to compress a video for the web with just the perfect compromise between quality and file size.

But in your excitement, you forgot either to write down your settings or to create a preset for them. Not sweet.

No snazzy menus for you! Come back one year! Or three. DVD Studio 4 No changes. Seriously, Apple, put the iTablets Final Cut Studio 3 discount for ten minutes and put in Blu-ray support. But I do know that as FCS continues to advance and add features that I will never even notice, the entire suite becomes easier to use at even the most basic levels. One day, by gum, I shall film my spawn in 4K, 3D glory.

And Final Cut Studio 6 will be ready for my hacking and slashing.

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