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By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova Adobe Revel is more than just a hosting service for your photos that you might edit or transform in Photoshop Elements. You can perform many tasks with Adobe Revel, such as the following: Store photos and sync in the cloud: Your photos are safely stored on the Adobe website, and you can sync the photos to all your devices such as computer, tablet, and phone. As a default, all your photos are uploaded to your private account.

Only you can see the photos you upload. When you want to share the photos, you can share them to the public or to selected users. Photo albums: You can add photos to albums and view the photos within a given album in a Slideshow view. Edit photos: Adobe Revel is the only photo sharing service that offers you Adobe Lightroom performance for editing photos.

As of this writing, you can edit photos with the Adobe Revel application, which is available for mobile devices using iOS and for Macs. In Photoshop Elements, you can upload and download photos through the link to Adobe Revel. The Adobe Revel application — which you can download for free — enables you to edit photos. When you save the edited photos, you can view the updated photos on all your devices.

For Macs: As of this writing, the Adobe Revel desktop application is available only for the Mac. You can download the application directly from the Apple App Store or through iTunes. For iOS devices: These versions provide you with sharing and editing features. Your device needs to have iOS version 6 and greater. For Android devices: Windows users, do not despair. Adobe is likely to provide the same options with desktop and Android apps as found currently with the iOS and Mac desktop apps.

Be certain to check the Adobe website regularly for new updates and announcements. Share Your Dummies Story.

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