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This could be very useful when simplifying designs. Get visual cues when you mouse over or select an object Image credit: Corel See what you've done Another improvement is how the interface responds when you mouse over or select an item. As you mouse over an item, it turns bright orange. Select another, and it turns blue.

In the previous version, you one had read support. Include customisation options in your objects for greater flexibility Image credit: Corel Custom blocks Dynamic blocks enables you to create objects with customisable parameters. You could for instance create a door with a built-in option of various widths. With that set up, you can alter the same object for each specific location.

Watch video Drawing constraints Geometric shapes conform to dimensional constraints and relativity of objects, ensuring exact proportions, angles and size requirements in 2D designs.

Watch video Patterns along paths Duplicate objects along a path in a variety of shapes like lines, arcs, and ellipses. Contextual shortcut menus allow interactive editing of the geometry. Watch video 3D Modeling Professional output made easy with advanced technical tools.

Further modification is now possible on ready-made 3D design imports. Modify 3D solid objects or bounded areas by extrusion with new PushPull tools. Extrude, revolve, or sweep 2D entities along a path to progress from 2D drafting into 3D modeling. Easily add recorded messages, reminders, or instructions into your drawings. DWG file format, DWG—ensuring swift collaboration between colleagues and business partners.

Add formulas into cells and modify existing tables on screen. Easy file sharing Format support for. With the new MergeLayer feature, merge one or more layers to a single destination.

STL file import: Increase project sharing and collaboration with new import support for stereolithography. STL files to work with ready-made 3D designs or insert contained 3D solid objects into a new design. Plus, get support for 3D printing or output connection with. STL export.

Selection options: Precisely sort through and select objects with new Cycling and enhanced Preview and Selection Highlighting. Choose colored highlighting to easily differentiate selected and hovered-over elements to increase productivity. Cycle through objects and selectively choose those that are close to or on top of other objects, and more.

View options: Experience your design from every vantage point with new RollView options that include continuous motion, interactive viewing without constraining roll, and swivel technology horizontal and vertical.

File format support:

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CorelCAD - First look at the 3D revolve feature

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