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If you buy Home and Business in a box, you get one license, plus you "may install another copy of the software on a portable device for use by the single primary user of the licensed device," according to Microsoft. If you buy a key card, you only get one license. The cheapest way to get two licenses -- assuming you meet the "portable device" restriction and already have Office -- involves buying the upgrade version of Office Standard. Make sure you follow Amazon's instructions closely.

If you buy Office Professional in a box, you get one license, plus one for "a portable device," just like Home and Office. If you buy a key card, you get only one license. Here, the cheapest route to Office depends on which version of Office you already own. The package includes three licenses for three PCs in a single household.

It's entirely possible that Microsoft will offer some sort of special deal after the shrink-wrapped copies of Office hit store shelves. Frankly, I don't see any show-stopper new features; if sales stumble, there's no telling what Microsoft might do to make the product more appealing. Currently, there are three alternatives, depending on your application.

It is natively supported by most modern Office applications, including free packages such as OpenOffice. This only works on Windows though. In other words, you could just as well send them a WordPerfect file. If the document does not have to be edited by others, it is best transferred as a PDF file.

Its main practical advantage over MS Office documents is that PDF documents have integrated fonts, and will look the same on any computer. The main drawback of using PDF however is that documents that are in PDF format cannot easily be changed afterward, so be sure to keep a copy of the original document. If you need to send someone a document that needs to be edited, the best option is to save it as an RTF Rich Text Format file.

But at least the RTF specification is freely available albeit in MS Word format , it supports almost all MS Word features, and it can easily be read and written by other programs. If someone sends me a. Aimed at PC makers and do-it-yourselfers, this edition is entirely legal for consumers to buy.

Full retail versions let you install the software on two PCs, except for Home and Student versions, which allows three. And if you have to replace a defective motherboard, it's likely Microsoft will count that as a new PC and disable the software.

The second way is to buy an academic version of Office. As with the reseller version, users are restricted to installing the software on one PC each. And buyers are technically required to be a student, teacher or a parent buying on behalf of a student. Advertisement Academic versions can net even more savings than buying a reseller version.

Many of the resellers don't require you to present a copy of a current student ID. While the practice may seem widespread, technically, it isn't permitted under Microsoft's rules. A Microsoft spokeswoman said this is the second academic year Microsoft has offered the Ultimate Steal. In theory, only current students are eligible. But the criteria -- presenting an.

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