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Certification adds credibility to your resume and it also gives you access to the certified professional logo which you can use on your resume, blog or visiting card. A certified professional is also added to the Autodesk database of certified professionals which can be viewed by your potential employers.

As per recommendation of Autodesk, it will be useful if you have hours of hands-on experience working with AutoCAD before you appear for AutoCAD certification exams. How to get AutoCAD certification Certification exams are online exams which are conducted by Autodesk authorized testing centers, these testing centers act as a one-stop solution for all your certification related queries and needs.

The exam generally costs between 80 to USD but the price varies depending on Cheapest AutoCAD Mechanical 2017 location. See this pricing detail of certification exam for US candidates, as I have already mentioned these prices may vary depending on your geographical location.

None of the advanced topics like Dynamic Blocks, Sheet set manager and Design center is in the syllabus. See this detail syllabus Cheapest AutoCAD Mechanical 2017 Autodesk certified user as well as the Autodesk certified professional exam.

The pattern of exam The exam is online and you will have access to the version of AutoCAD software for which you are appearing in the exam. The time tracker will be visible throughout the exam and you can also pause the exam if required by the permission of invigilator. The exam gets automatically paused if the internet connection is lost during the exam. The professional certification exam will have a total of 35 questions to be answered in a time limit of 2 hours.

The questions will be related to manipulating data files and then finding some values based on manipulations. There will be some objective and match type questions as well. Evaluation and result: As soon as you submit your exam you will receive a detailed diagnostic report with your areas of improvement and final score.

If you fail to clear the exam then you can appear again, there is no waiting period for re-exam but you will have to pay again for the exam. The certification remains valid forever for Cheapest AutoCAD Mechanical 2017 particular version so there is no need to appear for the exam every year to keep your certified status active.

However, you can appear for the exam to get certification for any newer version of AutoCAD. How to prepare for certification: The best resource for AutoCAD certification exam preparation is the course which I have prepared covering all the topics of certification exam along with lots of practice questions.

The course contains video lectures, Quizzes and Practice Cheapest AutoCAD Mechanical 2017 with very detailed explanation of AutoCAD tools and Cheapest AutoCAD Mechanical 2017. You can learn more about this course by clicking the button below. Enroll in Course Best Practices for the exam: Make sure your AutoCAD software is functioning well before starting exam Cheapest AutoCAD Mechanical 2017.

Ensure good hardware configuration of your PC for optimum performance. Ensure good internet connectivity although you can pause your exam and failed internet connectivity automatically pauses exam but still it is better to avoid this situation.

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