I purchased Corel Word Perfect X5 Standard from Best Buy, and Corel is treating me like a thief

The suite does deliver some unique features--most notably in PDF support and--with the addition of Nuance PaperPort to the suite--in document management. But WordPerfect Office X5 remains a tough sell for general business users who are reasonably satisfied with Microsoft's core Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps, or their free Web counterparts. Like previous versions, Office X5 offers strong compatibility with Microsoft Office, including the ability to create, open, and edit the XML-based formats introduced in Office , along with support for dozens of other formats-including antiquated ones that Microsoft no longer supports. Other startup options are Microsoft Word mode a throwback to the preribbon interface and legal mode which caters to Corel's strong following in the legal community. Nevertheless, the application reminds you that Microsoft's formats are not its native formats: When you save a. WordPerfect's ability to edit PDF documents--a weakness in Microsoft's suite--still falls short of perfection. In my tests with a group of PDFs, some remained fairly faithful to the original layouts; but in others, text and layout became scrambled. It beats having no support at all, but Office users will be at least as well off if they install a good PDF plug-in.

Can you still buy WordPerfect Office X5 Standard software?


Corel Word Perfect Office X5 review / download / install - video by TechyV

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