I do not want a subscription to Quicken but prefer to buy it outright. Is this possible?

Being digital learning brokers, we spend a lot of time researching e-learning providers. Here are 5 examples of helpful pricing plans for ready to go e-learning content that will help you manage your training budget and be kind to cash-flow. Why would just buying the content outright be budget kind? Well, the cost-effectiveness does depend on the amount of learners you have, the cost of the content and the likelihood that it will be repeatedly used for inductions, staff role changes, refreshers etc. The more learners access it, the more cost effective it gets! If affordability is an issue — use your negotiating powers to organise a staggered payment plan OR ask your friendly broker if they can have that conversation for you. A flexible but defined licence Option 1 is all very well if you know exactly what content you want and it will remain the same. Some e-learning providers will allow content-only purchases. Others may offer a site licence without a time restriction but for a specified number of learners using a certain piece of content or limited to a certain number of courses per user i. Either way you are only buying what you need.

can you purchase Hazel outright?

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