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ADSK announced new Infrastructure Modeling software products, which help users in utilities, telecommunications organizations and government agencies improve the design and management of their infrastructure. Autodesk's portfolio of products -- including AutoCAD Map 3D , AutoCAD Raster Design , Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise , and Autodesk Topobase -- provides users with an intelligent and comprehensive solution for designing, visualizing, simulating and analyzing infrastructure assets and development plans. In Friday's live webcast, , Autodesk senior vice president for AEC Solutions, addressed technology's critical role in the design and management of infrastructure. By using Autodesk Infrastructure Modeling technologies, customers can now aggregate multiple sources of data from CAD, GIS and 3D modeling systems -- allowing them to help improve the design of new systems and manage already constructed infrastructure more efficiently. Today, Autodesk announced new versions of the following products: This functionality helps users organize, manage, and integrate their field collected data within the AutoCAD Map 3D environment. Users can compare or combine FDO-connected data stores for improved decision making. This framework makes it easy to build, save, and share simple and complex workflows using a visual editor. With this tool, designers can easily turn scanned designs into digital CAD data that can be incorporated into infrastructure models. It helps to maximize the value of design and spatial data by enabling information sharing with customers and internal teams, as well as integrating with enterprise applications.

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