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And while the fabrics of the FormaRed jacket are superb, the fit is what makes it Giordana. Further aiding the cut are the addition of stretch panels of WindTex along the ribs. Want it cheaper? Center Balanced Rocker stance for better balance on skis Adjustable Flex Adjustable Heel Inclinator With a soft flex index of 85, Dalbello Kyra 85 ski boots offer light resistance against forward flex, appropriate for beginning female skiers Low Contour Profile Cuff. The FormaRed Carbon keeps you warm in the coldest temperatures. While WindTex does aid in wind-protection, contrary to its name, the primary role of WindTex in Triguard is as a water repellent. Modern, Rocker Stance Geometry allows skiers the advantage of centering body mass over the sweet spot of their skis for more power and control with less effort. To keep everything in place, the FormaRed Carbon jacket has an elastic gripper along the waist.

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