VICAT Softening Point Apparatus / HDT – Heat deflection / distortion test

As the deformed bar returns to room temperature, it will still tend to contract uniformly in all directions, as in Fig. The two actions coincide, and the welded plates assume the desired flatness. It has been permanently deformed, or distorted. But if the steel bar is restrained -as in a vise - while it is heated, as shown in Fig. Here, too, design of the assembly and proper sequence of welding are important factors. Balance welds around the neutral axis This practice, shown in Fig. Strongback The "strongback" is another useful technique for distortion control during butt welding of plates, as in Fig. This does not occur, however, since the strain unit contraction from this stress is very low compared to the amount of movement that would occur if no restraint were used during welding. Several ways can be used to minimize distortion caused by shrinkage: Doing all welding on one side of a part will cause much more distortion than if the welds are alternated from one side to the other. In general, it is desirable to finish the weld quickly, before a large volume of surrounding metal heats up and expands. Place welds near the neutral axis Distortion is minimized by providing a smaller leverage for the shrinkage forces to pull the plates out of alignment.

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