Forefront TMG 2010 Web Protection Services Licensing

Since there is no direct upgrade path from bit to bit Windows, migrating policies and configuration settings from ISA to TMG is the only alternative. You should consider thoroughly documenting your existing environment as part of the migration process. This will include: If you are using VPN services, be sure to record IP address ranges for remote access clients and site-to-site networks. This will include statically configured host records for the ISA firewalls themselves, alias records for the proxy array, or WPAD records for client configuration. Certificates — Be sure to export any and all certificates along with the private keys required for operation. Active Directory — If you have published web sites utilizing Kerberos Constrained Delegation KCD , configure the computer account of the new system for delegation. Do not assume that migrating to TMG will resolve any existing problems in your current environment. Use the ISA Best Practices Analyzer to perform a system health check and resole any outstanding issues prior to migration. Although there are performance benefits when running on the latest bit Windows operating system, TMG includes many new advanced protection features, and these capabilities consume additional resources. Use the Forefront TMG Capacity Planning Tool to determine if you have adequate hardware resources to support your implementation requirements. The Export Wizard dialog box opens. Select the option to Export confidential information and enter a strong password, then select the option to Export user permission settings. Specify a location to save the XML export file. This file will be copied to the TMG system for import later. Review the settings and then choose Finish to begin the export. This wizard will configure basic access rules that may prevent a configuration from importing properly. If the wizard has been used, remove any existing access policies created by the wizard prior to importing a configuration. For more information, please refer to the note at the end of this post. On the target TMG Standard or Enterprise standalone system, open the management console and highlight the root node. The Import Wizard dialog box opens. Enter the password created during the original export. Review the settings and then choose Finish to begin the import. Import complete. After successfully completing the migration process, TMG indicates that additional steps may be required. Address any issues as necessary. Click Apply to save changes and update the configuration. If you have imported any web publishing rules that use HTTPS, verify that the correct SSL certificate is bound to the appropriate web listener used by the publishing rule before applying the configuration.

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