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Bastian and Ashton retained ownership of the software that they created. They then founded Satellite Software International, Inc. WordPerfect 1. It was sold as WordPerfect 2. The developers had hoped to program WordPerfect in Cbut at this early Buy Corel Website Creator X6 key there were no C compilers available for the IBM PC and they had to program it in x86 assembly language. All versions of WordPerfect up to 5. The use of straight assembly language and a high amount of direct screen access gave WordPerfect a significant performance advantage over WordStarwhich used strictly DOS API functions for all screen and keyboard access and was often very slow. This was updated to support DOS 2. It also expanded printer support, where WordPerfect 2. Adding support for additional printers this way was impractical, so the company introduced printer driversa file containing a list of control codes for each model of printer. Version 3. WordPerfect also supplied an editor utility that allowed users to make their own printer drivers or to modify the included ones. WordPerfect 4. It became the first program to overtake Buy Corel Website Creator X6 key original market leader WordStar in a major application category on the DOS platform. ByCompute! This version also included "print preview", a graphical representation of the final printed output that became the foundation for WordPerfect 6. WordPerfect 5.

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