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Capture One has these too. This is a huge benefit for those who like a fine level of control over photo manipulation. For mask creation you can paint them in manually, create a linear gradient mask, or a radial gradient mask similar to Luminar, actually. It also offers a feathering tool and edge refinements. The Luma Range feature in Capture One Pro is a particularly useful way of selecting areas of an image. Everything from Levels to Color Balance tools work in layers, and you can adjust the opacity of each edit layer — something that can only be done by way of a third party plugin in Lightroom see these Lightroom Tips for more info.

This latest version of Capture One Pro 12 now has luminosity masks. This is definitely a feature win for Capture One and a reason why many pros really love it. From there you can adjust the affected color range, hue, saturation and lightness.

The 3-Way option even lets you adjust the color tint separately in the shadow, midtone and highlight areas. Do you want to affect the blues in your photo, but not the blue-greens? Need to smooth out the skin tones? No problem. Simply choose the Skin Tone tab, select a color range, and adjust the uniformity sliders.

The Express version just has the Basic tab. However, if you want to have complete control over your color, Capture One certainly wins hands down over Lightroom and everyone else in the same niche. Most studio photographers who shoot tethered already use Capture One. Tethering features in Capture One Pro makes it the obvious choice for studio photographers.

With it you can control just about everything via the tether, including details as particular as the flash curtain sync mode. If you were ever thinking of shooting tethered, Capture One is the editing software to try first. It also just looks better — almost on par with Photoshop which is where I usually do my more difficult spot healing.

Definitely helpful for collaborative editing or sending an image with notes off to a client. You can apply Styles to enhance curves, saturation and tonal adjustments in your images — all without changing key capture parameters like exposure and white balance.

There are several Styles available by famous photographers, helping you emulate their color grading. Capture One 12 now adds the ability to change the starting point of your editing to one of the film simulations, as Curves within the Base Characteristics Tool. Note that the process still requires an internet-enabled device e. Open Capture One on the offline computer that you want to activate.

From the Activation dialog, type in in your license code. This will generate a Registration Key. Copy the generated Activation Key to the offline Activation dialog on the offline computer, and press Activate. Deactivation To deactivate Capture One from a computer, an internet connection is required. The application will return to Trial Mode once deactivated. When the trial period has expired all current and pending processing will be cancelled.

You will need to reactivate Capture One to continue working with it. Press the Deactivate button. Confirm that you want to perform the deactivation. After deactivation, you can reactivate Capture One on another computer. Registration Register your license to authenticate your installed software. Registration will allow full usage of your Capture One version. The Online registration automatically registers your license key. When this is validated, it will be kept alongside with information on your computer platform, ID and IP numbers.

Phase One keeps all information confidential, according to EU law and international standards. For more information on the license, please read the License Agreement. The registration of the software will create a personal profile on www. Capture One? While Lightroom and Phase One offer many of the same tools, the two programs differ in their most advanced features, as well as their organization system and user experience.

How do the two programs fare in the Lightroom versus Capture One debate? Streamline your workflow. Save more time. Custom Color Profiles Some Capture One Pro photographers go as far to claim that their photos look better in Capture One, before even touching any of the edits. Is there any truth to that? Lightroom files, however, have a more neutral starting point.

While the files look brighter and more vibrant without adjustments in Capture One, Lightroom is more neutral — after all, some photographers favor softer, more muted color palettes. Adjustment options will get similar results from both programs, but the starting point is a bit different.

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Oct 24, - Specifically, if you buy the current version of Capture One you will get a free + 3 Styles; Capture One Pro 12 (for Sony) perpetual + 6 Styles And my discount code should also work for this until the end of the month, the. Items 1 - 23 of 23 - Phase One Capture One Pro 11 (Key-Card). You can only compare up Other Buying Options . Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 (DVD) · (). Jun 27, - On just about every day, you can buy Capture One Pro for $ or its Capture One Express 6 from this page and then using coupon code.

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