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The system will use containerisation file techniques to keep personal and enterprise data separate - with "minimal" impact on the way employees work, according to Microsoft. Additional safeguards will protect sensitive data when it is shared. If you send an email to the wrong person, with the wrong file attached and it escapes your organisation, it's not going to be readable, it's going to be encrypted. But someone inside your organisation would have no problem reading it," Gartner's Kleynhans said.

Microsoft has also highlighted Windows 10's ability to wipe corporate data from devices and leave personal data untouched, as well as to use audit reports for tracking issues and remedial actions. It will also be able to be used with a mobile device management MDM system to protect corporate data inside Office universal apps.

Device Guard This feature allows devices to be restricted to running only trusted software - whether it's traditional desktop, Windows store or in-house apps. It also makes it "much less likely", according to Microsoft, that an attacker who seizes control of the Windows kernel will be able to run malicious code. Device Guard uses the new virtualization-based security in Windows 10 Enterprise to isolate the Code Integrity service that controls the process from the Microsoft Windows kernel itself, letting the service use signatures defined by enterprise-controlled policy to determine what is trustworthy.

Using technology embedded in the hardware and virtualization to sandbox the Code Integrity service will also help foil exploits that compromise Windows at the kernel level, and which can tamper with traditional virus and malware countermeasures.

Device Guard requires various hardware features and software settings: UEFI 2. HP, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, Fujitsu and others will manufacture systems designed for the new Microsoft security controls.

Provisioning packages This feature allows Window 10 machines to be set up more simply than earlier versions of the OS. IT admins can configure provisioning-package rules that determine the look of the OS, what apps and certificates should be installed, that enroll devices with an MDM suite, set out user rights and more. The same provisioning-package rules can be used to configure multiple machines and can be applied to either a Windows image or running Windows machine via SD card, USB drive or network share.

Microsoft Passport Microsoft Passport provides a system for allowing users to log into Windows 10 using biometrics, such as their fingerprint or facial scan or PIN. Microsoft says Passport provides both convenience, in that the user has to remember fewer credentials, and security, because no passwords are used. Credential Guard Credential Guard will offer additional security for login details by storing derived credentials - NTLM hashes and Kerberos tickets and the process that manages them in a secured isolated container that uses Hyper-V and virtualization-based security.

It will require UEFI 2. Deployment features Sideloading apps Sideloading allows certain Windows Store apps, which firms don't want to publish and make publicly available, to be installed on Windows machines.

This practice of sideloading is useful when a firm wants to deploy line-of-business apps internally. Sideloading is a built-in capability with Windows 10 for Home, Pro and Enterprise users. Windows 10 machines can connect to a Mobile Device Management MDM server that will enroll and configure the devices, as well as applying updates and enforcing the latest in-house policies governing usage. An MDM package can be used both to manage Windows 10 phones as well as desktop PCs and laptops - allowing IT pros to use the same tools to look after fixed and mobile devices.

Microsoft's own MDM offering, Intune, or a third-party alternative, can be used. There are various new MDM features in Windows MDM services can also be used to install apps directly from the Windows Store and to deploy non-store line-of-business apps.

New device management options include the ability to update policies automatically, retrieve device compliance information and to specify a per-device update approval list. Microsoft is also promising improved support for managing multiple users and VPN configuration. Windows 10 allows users and devices to be managed by various services, providing a choice between Active Directory, Group Policy, and System Center Configuration Manager for corporate-owned devices that are frequently connected to the corporate network, or Azure Active Directory and MDM for devices that are typically mobile and internet-connected.

Microsoft suggests they are very complementary," said Ovum's Edwards. Business Store for Windows 10 Microsoft is planning to launch Windows Store for Business, an app store designed to make it easier for firms to deploy apps to staff. Organisations will be able to create private sections of the Windows Store that offer a bespoke list of pre-approved apps, and admins will be able to assign apps to specific employees.

Businesses will also be able to acquire apps in bulk. Users will sign in via the Azure Active Directory. Azure Active Directory features Azure Active Directory Azure AD is Microsoft's multi-tenant, cloud-based directory and identity management service that provides single sign-on access to thousands of SaaS applications such as Office, Salesforce. Microsoft is integrating Azure AD with Windows more deeply to reduce the amount of passwords users need to remember.

The same devices can be automatically enrolled in a mobile device management service at the same time. Users will also be able to gain single sign-on access to in-house services from personal Windows devices by linking that Windows machine to a work account managed with Azure Active Directory. What customers say I Love the service and quick downloads very user friendly will come back again. All of my needs were met perfectly. Ronald, GB Well done. Had to wait a bit but all good things are worth waiting for Chris, GB I purchased a copy of Nero 8 and everything went smoothly and the activation process worked fine, it is now installed and up and running, very pleased with service and good value Gonzalo, US Everything went perfect!

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