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This post is long, opinionated, and may or may not be a sales pitch. It just depends. Yeah right. The customer is always right. Related, but different. However, if the customer asks a retail person their opinion on what they're considering buying, then suddenly the retail person has the chance to become a salesperson. I use the word "chance" because they may or may not know anything about the product or service in question. And, no, you're not on the wrong blog.

This is a blog about technology and genealogy. I promise. Just hang tight. Here's the tie-in. If you want to purchase a Flip-Pal, I will be more than happy to sell one to you. They're popular. Everyone wants one. All the genealogists say to get one. They go like hotcakes at the conferences. Everyone seems to have "Flip-Pal fever. Therefore, if you want one, I'd be stupid not to sell you one.

However, if you were to ask me if you should buy one, I'd say, "I'm not sure. It depends. What will you be scanning mostly? What size of photos will you be scanning?

Will you be scanning ephemera or heirlooms [like paintings, baby blankets, etc]? How many photos and documents do you have to scan that are larger than 4" x 6"? Do you already own a newer smartphone or tablet with camera capabilities? Do you already have a dedicated flatbed scanner?

Do you already have an all-in-one printer with scanning capabilities? Where will you be doing most of your scanning? And then, of course, there's your budget. You have a mixture of both photos and documents of all sizes to scan, then the Flip-Pal might not be the best choice as a scanner. Because stitching together more than just a few photos or docs together that are larger than 4" x 6" with the stitching software that comes for free with the Fllip-Pal is tedious at best.

You have slides or film negatives you need to scan. I could go on with the scenarios [because there are definitely more], but what it comes down to is this: It just depends on your situation. If you want a Flip-Pal, I'll be happy to sell you one. If you want my opinion on what scanner is right for you and your situation, I'll be glad to give it to you, and then if Amazon sells it, I'll be glad to sell it to you.

Or sell you a Flip-Pal if that's right for you. If you want my opinion on scanners and your situation and then want to buy from someone else [including from a local business because they have a better deal], that's fine too.

You can even buy truck and trailer parts and pet supplies from me through Amazon because Amazon sells just about anything and everything. I'll sell you whatever you want or nothing at all because the customer is always right. My Amazon Store [If you want to buy something else on Amazon other than what I have in my store, as long as you click on one of my links to Amazon first and then search for whatever, I get credit. And, again, you don't have to buy from me at all. In case it wasn't clear in my blog post, I am a Flip-Pal affiliate and an Amazon affiliate.

If you click on any of their links and buy something, I will get a referral commission. But, hey, the Choco Taco off the ice cream truck is good. And if you don't want to buy anything, that's okay too.

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